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Blow It Up My Ass

The bottom has to be one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen. At the very beginning you see his ass in a pair of super sexy grayish boxer shorts that made me want to start eating his ass before pulling his shorts off. One of the hottest ass pictures I can imagine. He sucks the top’s cock lovingly before getting his beautiful ass plowed with what seems to be no lube. His hole stays open after he got fucked royally and I just wanted to dive in and lick the cum out. Very hot.

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Garri and Edvin

Young slut Edvin is in my Top 10 favorites of slut guys I like to watch get fucked. He is so freaking hot from head to toes. Edvin is such a damn good slut. Love watchin him take all kinds of dick. Wish there was a gangbang video where he takes on at least 5 or 6 guys, but he’s watchable no matter what. Gets me off every time!

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SR – Justin Cross & Travis Cooper

The bottom is WAY hot. But would have liked to have watched the top slide his cock up the boys hole instead of just editing to when he was already in. Love the 12.45 minute mark as Travis fucks Justins virgin ass as he does he fucks Justins cum out… then Travis jacks off al over Justin…

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